Lake Bonney Caring for Country Management Plan

Lake Bonney Caring for Country


During July and August 2018, Berri Barmera Council and the River Murray and Mallee Region Aboriginal Corporation (RMMAC) have released for consultation a draft Management Plan, for the care of Native Titles lands surrounding and including Lake Bonney.

The draft Plan is a result of signficiant research and careful consideration of key issues impacting upon the lands around the Lake.  Strategies and actions are put foward in the draft Plan to provide for sustainable management of the natural resources associated with Lake Bonney.  The RMMAC and the Council will jointly oversee the delivery of these actions over the next five years.

The lake is a special place for local Aboriginal people and provides the opportunity to maintain Aboriginal culture and pass knowledge on to the next generation.The Plan is designed to allow camping in designated areas and establish regulations to ensure that people can still enjoy the camping experience but not at the detriment of the environment or Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.  

The draft plan looks at the protection and conversation of the sensitive environmental and heritage areas around Lake Bonney by limiting access to highly sensitve areas and improving accessability and facilities for designated campsites.

In addition, the plan will also include, but not limited to:

  • improved signage and information
  • education and tourism on Aboriginal culture -  living classroom
  • weed and animal pest management.

Consultation is now open for the Draft Plan and will close on 17 August 2018.

 Written submissions can be made to:

Country Management Plan

C/- Berri Barmera Council

PO Box 229

BERRI    SA   5343

or via email

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