Changes to Payments at Barmera Library

Due to the ANZ Bank no longer accepting the banking of monies from Council at the Barmera Post Office we are no longer able to accept Cash or cheques at the Barmera Library.

We apologise if this change in policy by the ANZ and Australia Post causes you any inconvenience.

Please direct any questions you may have to Berri Barmera Council on 8582 1922 or email

What this means for you?

The Barmera Library Council Customer Service Centre will no longer be able to accept cheques and cash payments for Council services, which include Rates and Dog Registrations.

Where else can I pay?

You can still pay your rates account at the Barmera Australia Post facility.

You can also pay your rates online via:

You can present to the Berri Council Office at 19 Wilson Street, Berri – where they will be able to accept EFTPOS, Cash and Cheques


Due to the new Statewide Dog registration system, the only alternative for paying your dog registration is online via the DACO website.

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