Council submission to the "Inquiry into the use of off-road vehicles"

The Inquiry into the use of off-road vehicles is being undertaken by the by the State Parliament's Natural Resources Committee.

The Council's Submission to Inquiry use Off Road Vehicles(843 kb) outlines our support for the use of off road vehicles and motorbikes in the district but only in areas which are appropriate and can sustain such activity.
In areas such as Lake Bonney, it is clear that vehicle access to large areas of land around the Lake is causing damage to the environment and needs to be restricted to designated areas.
The Lake Bonney Caring for Country Management Plan, is a shared plan between the Council and River Murray and Mallee Aboriginal Corporation and does not support the use of trail bikes in particular around Lake Bonney.   
To review other submissions to the Parliamentary Committee, follow the links from the "Natural Resources Committee" listing at
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