Infrastructure Services

The works and Engineering department is responsible for several different areas of work, as outlined below. If you have a complaint or request to make regarding anything in the Berri Barmera Council area, please complete the online Complaints/Request form or contact the Berri or Barmera office to lodge a customer request.

Rubbish Collection

Each residential township property in the Berri Barmera District is issued with a set of waste bins (3 bin system) being: 240-litre (green),  140-litre (red) & 240-litre (yellow) by Council.

Each residential rural property in the Berri Barmera District is issued with a set of waste bins (2 bin system) being: 140-litre (red) & 240-litre (yellow) by Council.

If anything should happen to the bins, new parts are available at a small cost and can be paid for at the Berri or Barmera office and then collected from the Berri Visitor Information Centre, Riverview Drive, Berri or the Barmera Library and Information Centre. If, however the bin becomes lost or stolen, the property owner will need to contact Council to order a new one at a cost of $83.00.  Bins that are damaged and are found to be over 10 years old (as per Council's Bin Register) will be replaced at 1/2 cost.

Council commissions Transpacific to collect your rubbish on a weekly basis.

For more information please contact Transpacific on 1800 778 752 or the Berri Barmera Council on 8582 1922.

Waste Transfer Station

Council wishes to advise that its temporary Transfer Station was closed permanently to the public  on 24th January 2014.

Waste disposal is now available at the Riverland Resource Recovery Facility, located at 92 Hoskin Road, Monash (opposite old Berri Racecourse) and is owned and operated by Transpacific.

For further information please contact them on 8244 6468.

Street Lighting

If you notice a street light that is not working and need to report it you can ring SA Power Networks direct on 1800 676 043. Please have the following details ready when you phone SA Power Networks; street name; number of house to which the light is closest to; what damage (if any) has been done to the light.

Road and Footpath Construction and Maintenance

The Berri Barmera Council is responsible for the upkeep of roads (Council owned) and footpaths in the Berri Barmera District and they endeavour to maintain these to a high standard. If you discover a road or footpath that needs maintenance, please contact Council at either the Berri or Barmera office to report the details, which will be passed on to the relevant Team Leader.

Drum Muster

Drum Muster representatives are currently discussing with Transpacific to undertake the Drum Muster programme at the Riverland Resource Recovery Facility, located at 92 Hoskin Road, Monash.