Development Assessment Panel

The Berri Barmera Council, together with the Renmark Paringa Council and the District Council of Loxton Waikerie, has formed a Regional Development Assessment Panel (RRDAP) pursuant to pursuant to Section 34 of the Development Act 1993. The RRDAP commenced operations on 1 January 2010.

The following people have been appointed as members of the RRDAP:

  • Independent Presiding Member
    Mr Bruce Ballantyne
  • Independent Members:
    Ms Rebecca Perkin (Berri Barmera Council)
    Mr Geoffrey Parsons (Renmark Paringa Council)
    Ms Ellie Anspach (District Council of Loxton Waikerie) 
  • Elected Members:
    Cr Rhonda Centofanti (Berri Barmera Council)
    Cr Margaret Malthouse (Loxton Waikerie Council)
    Cr Mark Chown (Renmark Paringa Council)

Council has delegated authority to the RRDAP to both assess development applications and hear applicants, pursuant to Part 4 of the Development Act 1993. The Panel will adhere to the Minister's Code of Conduct under section 21A of the Development Act 1993, and adopts its own Operating Procedures for the conduct of its members and for its meetings. Meetings are held as required, generally at 1.30pm on the second Thursday of the month, at various Riverland Council offices. A copy of the Operating Procedures for the RRDAP are available here.

Each year, the Panel is required to provide a report to the constituent Councils of it activities in the previous calendar year. A copy of the 2012 Annual Report (adopted by the Panel in June 2015) is available here: 2014 RRDAP Annual Report(151 kb).

The Agendas and Minutes of the Panel are available by selecting the links hereunder. Copies of the agenda and minutes are also available at the principal office, 19 Wilson Street, Berri.

Archived minutes of the Panel, and the superseded Berri Barmera Development Assessment Panel, which ceased operation at 31 December 2009, are available from the archived files below.

Minutes and Agenda

October 8 2015
.pdf 2015 Agenda RRDAP October 8 Agendas
.pdf 2015 Minutes RRDAP October 8 Minutes
August 13 2015
.pdf 2015 Agenda RRDAP August 13 Agendas
.pdf 2015 Minutes RRDAP August 13 Minutes
July 9 2015
.pdf 2015 Agenda RRDAP July 9 Agendas
.pdf 2015 Minutes RRDAP July 9 Minutes
June 11 2015
.pdf 2015 Agenda RRDAP June 11 Agendas
.pdf 2015 Minutes RRDAP June 11 Minutes
April 9 2015
.pdf 2015 Agenda RRDAP April 9 Agendas
.pdf 2015 Minutes RRDAP April 9 Minutes
February 12 2015
.pdf 2015 Agenda RRDAP February 12 Agendas
.pdf 2015 Minutes RRDAP February 12 Minutes
January 29 2015
.pdf 2015 Agenda RRDAP January 29 Agendas
.pdf 2015 RRDAP Minutes January 29 Minutes

Archived Agenda

Click here for Archived Development Assessment Panel Agenda.

Archived Minutes

Click here for archived Development Assessment Panel Minutes