Berri Barmera Council | Paying Your Rates | Riverland, South Australia

Paying Your Rates

Pay Rates


Methods of Payment

Council rates may be paid:

  1. by mail (cheque or money order)
  2. by telephone using debit or credit card (Excluding American Express & Diners), telephone 08 8582 1922
  3. by BPAY facilities as detailed on your rates notice
  4. by internet as detailed on your rates notice
  5. in person at the Council office locations, EFTPOS facilities are available for payments
  6. in person at any Post Office

Payment by Instalments

Payments can be made by four approximately equal instalments. A separate rate notice will be sent for each instalment. The four instalments will be due and payable on:

2nd September 2013

2nd December 2013

3rd March 2014

2nd June 2014

Ratepayers wishing to make alternative arrangements for payment of rates must contact Council prior to the due date for payment of rates, approval of any such arrangement will be at the discretion of Council.



Council must receive the rate payment(s) on or before the due dates shown on the notice otherwise under State Government legislation, a 2% fine must be charged for late payment. Further fines must be added each month until full payment is received. Council may sell any property where the rates have been in arrears for three years or more.