Boat Ramp Maintenance

Since the installation of the Berri boat ramp, a number of rocks have been moved, causing hazard for boaties when launching and retrieving.

Boat Ramp


Council is continuing to provide great amenities to take advantage of the Murray River flowing past our door step. 

Over the past few years, since the construction of the Berri Boat Ramp, many of the loose rocks each side have moved about, with some ending up in the water.  These submerged rocks have then been causing hazards when either retrieving or launching of boats. To address this situation, Council have engaged a contractor to remove the existing rocks and then reinstall them in a bed of concrete, and add a number of geo textile bags will be placed at the waters edge to protect the concrete ramp edges and prevent undermining.

The boat ramp will remain in service however users will need to follow any directions provided by the contractors.


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