Dementia Awareness Month

Berri Barmera Council introduced a Dementia Friendly Community Plan last year. A key aspect of this was Council gaining a deeper understanding of Dementia and what we are doing or could do to help sufferers. Hence, we welcome ideas at any time on what people might need from Council that could make life a bit easier if you or someone you care for is living with Dementia.

As an organisation we are now much more aware of how Council can support people living with Dementia in the Community and their family and carers.  Importantly though every situation is different and an individuals needs will vary from others.

We will continue to  put the things we have learned about Dementia and the needs of those living with the condition, into our planning and activities. We intend to explore funding opportunities to employ resources to help Council take our Dementia Friendly Community Plan to the next stage and broaden our activities.  More news on that in coming months.