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Finding Council and Property Information

The Local Government data (eg. Council and ward information, parks, playgrounds, libraries and waste collection dates) are now accessible via the My Local Services app for use on smart phones.

The data sourced from the State Government (Suburbs, Property Boundaries and Planning Zones) are accessible via other web sites (see links below).


New source


Property Details

Property Location Browser


Includes title and allotment references and links to Property Assist.

Street numbers can be displayed using the layers tool.

Development Zones


Design Wind Speed


Atlas SA.




Using Atlas SA:

This map has the most current zones. Open the Planning map in the Land Management category.

Locate to Suburb only and pan/zoom to required street address.

(If required, use the Property Location Browser first to determine exact allotment location)

Although allotment boundary lines are displayed, unfortunately property addresses cannot be searched. The State Government has indicated their intention to consider the addition of this map layer to the Property Location Browser where address searching is possible.

To find out more about this, contact the Land Services Group





Option 2:

Overlay a KMZ file in Google earth

Google Earth overlay:
Planning zones can also be overlaid within Google Earth. Create your own viewer in Google earth incorporating this overlay available from the SA Planning Data Spatial Data Downloads site. Google earth has address searching too.

Council and Ward Details,

Waste Collection,


Parks and Reserves,




The My Local Services app provided by the Local Government Association of South Australia.


Waste - Find your waste collection days and receive reminders to put the bins out.

Near Me - Find nearby Parks and Events across the state, and other council facilities.

My Council - Contact your council, Elected Members and make payments.

Report It - Report maintenance issues to Council.


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