Barmera Improvement Committee

Barmera Improvement Committee

The Barmera Improvement Committee enables community members, groups and Council to progress, beautify and advance Barmera through communicating, developing ideas and initiatives together. As a part of this committee you can have input on projects and initiatives that enable opportunities for collaboration, support and participation and help plan longer term programs for the benefit of Barmera and its community. Note: formerly named Barmera Town Beautification Committee

The Committee consists of Community Members and Berri Barmera Councillors.

Meets:  (Bi-monthly) as determined by the Committee

Where:  Barmera Library at 6.00pm

Staff Lead:  Acting Manager Infrastructure Services

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Barmera Improvement Committee

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March 7 2019
.pdf 2019 Barmera Improvement Committee Agenda 7 March Agendas
.pdf 2019 Barmera Improvement Committee Minutes 7 March Minutes

formerly named Barmera Town Beautification Committee

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