Berri Boat Ramp

Council successfully applied to the South Australian Boating and Facility Advisory Committee to assist for dollar for dollar support in upgrading the Berri Boat Ramp. In consultation with the Berri Ski Club the upgrade was designed to support major skiboat events as well as giving improved daily access to recreational boat users.  


Marina Project News

Marina Sealing completed 19 March 2015

Marina moves one step closer to completion with sealing of the remainder of the carpark and road entry

Berri Boat Ramp 31 March 2015

Works have commenced on the Berri Boat Ramp for the construction of a new 4 lane ramp with associated car park at the Berri Marina.

Berri Boat Ramp Project 31 March 2015

After receiving matching funds up to $320,000 from the State Government through the SA Boating Facilities Fund the Berri Boat Ramp project at the Berri Marina is set to commence works in late April with construction estimated to continue for 4 months.

Progress Photogallery