Berri Riverfront Redevelopment

Berri Riverfront Precinct Master Planning

Berri Barmera Council has embarked on an exciting Master Planning exercise for Riverview Drive Berri between Vaughan Terrace and the Berri Caravan Park.

Council recognises that this area is changing with new developments soon to be established on the former Berri Bowling Club land and ongoing investments made by the Berri Hotel and Berri Caravan Park. This stretch of road is in a prime public space which our community and visitors enjoy for events, relaxing, exercising and outdoor dining. It is a special place which Council recognises can be so much better.


Artistic render of riverfront concept

Picture One: An artistic Render of one concept for the Berri Riverfront


Riverview Drive in this precinct has been identified as having redundant road space, a legacy from when trucks and cars used it to access the old ferry crossing. Council wants to put the road on a diet, free up space for the community to enjoy by expanding the riverside park areas and also create more functional areas for civic and entertainment events.

An application for funding will be lodged under the Places for People program administered by the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure later in the year. More formal public consultation will occur early in 2017 subject to funding.

In the meantime if you would like to receive updates on progress and register your interest to be involved in future consultation opportunities please complete the registration form below. 


Riverfront Redevlopment

Latest News items from the Berri Riverfront Redevelopment Project

Funding success for the proposed Berri Riverfront Wharf project

7 July 2017
The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Hon Stephen Mullighan MP recently announced that the Berri Barmera Council’s proposed Berri Riverfront Wharf has been successful in securing nearly $600,000 in funding for the $1.199M project.

Open Space Funding Application for Section of Riverview Drive

16 February 2017
Council has recently lodged an application for funding from the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) for a redevelopment of area around the Vietnam War Memorial and Visitor Information Centre at Berri. Successful projects will have funding announced in the middle of this year. Should the project proceed it will see Riverview Drive intersection with Vaughan Terrace narrowed and the public areas on either side of the road widened for both everyday use and events. In particular the Vietnam War Memorial is located very close to the kerbs of Vaughan Terrace and Riverview Drive. In consultation with Riverland Vietnam Veterans a design has been developed creating significantly more space around the Memorial for events, quiet contemplation and paying respect.




Riverfront Precinct Registration
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