Infrastructure Services

The Works and Engineering Department is responsible for a broad range of Infrastructure and Services, as outlined below. If you have a complaint or request to make regarding anything in the Berri Barmera Council area, please complete the online Complaints/Request form or contact the Berri or Barmera office to lodge a customer request.

Street Lighting

If you notice a street light that is not working and need to report it you can ring SA Power Networks direct on 1800 676 043. or complete a request online via -

Please have the following details ready when you phone SA Power Networks; street name; number of house to which the light is closest to; what damage (if any) has been done to the light.

Road and Footpath Construction and Maintenance

The Berri Barmera Council is responsible for the upkeep of roads (Council owned) and footpaths in the Berri Barmera District and they endeavour to maintain these to a high standard. If you discover a road or footpath that needs maintenance, please contact Council at either the Berri or Barmera office to report the details, which will be passed on to the relevant Team Leader.

Proposed 3 Year Works Program 2019-2022

Managing Trees around Powerlines

SA Power Networks has developed a dedicated webpage on its corporate site for Trees and Powerlines.  The aim is to use the new material to advise customers on how trees are managed around powerlines and also provide a resource for more information.