General Health Issues

General Health Issues

Council EHO's regularly inspect public swimming pools and spa pools, hairdressing, body piercing, tattooing and beauty therapy establishments to ensure adequate standards are achieved and maintained by proprietors.

Advice can also be provided to assist you with questions or complaints regarding substandard housing, head lice and other general environmental health issues.

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Public swimming pools & spas

Council’s Environmental Health Officer inspects local public pools and spa pools. Public recreational water facilities, such as public pools and spas, pose potential health risks if not properly maintained.

Environmental health assessments of public pools and spa pools aim to ensure they are maintained in accordance with the requirements of the South Australian Public Health (General) Regulations 2013 and the Standard for the Operation of Swimming Pools and Spa Pools in South Australia.

Information for public pool operators can be found here

Visitors to public pools

There is legislation in South Australia that prescribes requirements for owners, operators and users of public pools to protect public health. By following a few simple steps, you can help pool operators keep the water safe and clean for everyone to enjoy. For more information click here


Hairdressing, body art & piercing 

Please see Department for Health Website

Bed bugs and head lice

Please see Department for Health Website

Substandard housing 

All residential properties must meet the minimum standards in the Housing Improvement Act 2016. Concerns about serious property defects which affect the health and safety of occupants, visitors to the property, or members of the public can be reported to the Housing Safety Authority who can declare a property to be substandard. The Housing Safety Authority can declare a property to be substandard. Substandard properties subject to an order or notice are listed on a public register. All properties currently subject to a substandard property order under the Act are listed on the register.

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Wash Wipe Cover

Many common infectious diseases are spread by germs on our hands. You can reduce the risk of getting sick or passing infections on to others by washing your hands, wiping down frequently touched surfaces and covering your coughs and sneezes with a tissue. For more information visit the SA Health website

Wash, Wipe, Cover - brochure

Wash, Wipe, Cover - fact sheet

Extreme Heat

South Australia can experience long periods of extreme heat. During our long heatwaves it is easy to become dehydrated and for the body to become overheated.  If this happens, heat cramps, heat exhaustion or even heatstroke may develop.

It is very important for everyone to know what the effects of extreme heat are, who is at risk and what to do to prepare for and cope during times of extreme heat.

Refer to the Department of Health website for more information or pick up a copy of the Extreme Heat Guide from the Berri council office or Barmera library