Development / Building Application

A development application form needs to be submitted with each application for development. A copy of the form, appropriate fees and the powerline declaration form are available, by following this link.

Information you need to Submit with your Application

Applicants need to remember that the Planning and Building Officers have no idea what the applicant is thinking and therefore they need as much information as possible to be provided so they can make the best decision for you.

For Planning consent, three copies of the following are required:

  • 3 copies of a site plan (1:200 scale) showing the outline of all existing structures - house, verandahs etc. and proposed structures, retaining walls, levels and how the stormwater will be disposed of;
  • 3 copies of all floor plans (1:100 scale) showing materials, finishes and colours; and
  • A copy of the certificate of title or crown lease for the land.

For Building Rules Consent (if not being privately certified), three copies of the following are required:

  • 3 copies of complete working drawings (1:100 scale) showing site plan, floor plan, roof plans, plans, elevations, sections and details of construction;
  • 3 copies of the engineers report

Council will undertake to process development applications as quickly as possible.

Cost to lodge a development application with the Berri Barmera Council

The fees for lodging a development application are established by Parliament and are statutory fees. The fees you will pay vary, depending on the type of development and the total cost of the project. A lodgement fee is required to lodge the application with Council, and Council staff will assist you with any other fees required.

Please be aware that you may also need to pay a CITB Levy, which is a State Government Levy. The applicant needs to pay this Levy before the Council issues development approval if the application has a value exceeding $15,000.

More Information

Please contact Council's Development Staff for further information.