Berri Barmera Council

The Berri Barmera Council

The District Council of Berri amalgamated with the District Council of Barmera in October 1996. For the first few months following the amalgamation the Council was known as The District Council of Berri and Barmera, however in January 1997 the name was officially gazetted as "The Berri Barmera Council".

The total area of the Council is 50,845 ha or 508 sq. kms.

The former Berri Council office became the main office of the Council, with the Barmera Office remaining open (with a minimum of staff) as a service to the public.

All Councillors from both the former Berri and former Barmera Councils remained in Office until the General Election held in May 1997. (19 Councillors plus one Mayor). The Mayor of Berri, Mrs M.M. Evans OAM became the first Mayor of The Berri Barmera Council, and the former Mayor of Barmera (Mrs Mary Ridley) became Deputy Mayor of the new Council until the May 1997 General Elections. Following the General Elections the Council consisted of a Mayor (Mrs Margaret Evans OAM) and 12 Councillors to represent 5 Wards throughout the Berri/Barmera area.

Berri Barmera Council First Logo

The initial Council Logo

Used between October 1996 to 2007

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The Current Council logo

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