Attractions by Town

There's always something fun to see or do in the Berri Barmera District. Whether you want to have an adventure, do something you've never done before, eat scrumptious food and drink fine wine or simply relax the hours away, this is the perfect place for you to take that well deserved holiday! If it's a short getaway you're planning or a long vacation, if you need a break from the kids or if the whole family is coming along, we can cater for your needs. See below for attractions within the different towns.

The River Murray Catchment Water Management Board in association with the Murray Darling Association have developed "Codes of Conduct for Recreational Activities" as a guide to users of of the River Murray and Lower Lakes of South Australia. We invite you to view these Codes which provide tips and rules to ensure you enjoy your stay in our District.

Monash Attractions

Monash Adventure Park
Chocolates & More
Thachi Wines


Loveday Attractions

Loveday Internment Camp