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Recently we have had members of our community volunteer their expertise to assist with history projects.  From these interactions, connections were developed to assist and build on our local history.  Special moments were able to be captured, with photos and memorabilia provided.

With strong family connections within the region, it would be great if we could build the history of our region, whilst capturing our cultural heritage and significant cultural diversity.  Through collaboration, we believe we will be able to expand our history collection and build our resources and collections. 

One such project was our Soldier Settlers.  From the information obtained, we were able undertake two displays in 2018 - one for ANZAC Day and another for the Armistice Centenary.  These displays were only possible through building community connections, meeting with and obtaining information from family members. 

If you wish to learn more about our Soldier Settlers project, you can see the final outcome of research on the following web page

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