Public Art

Hidden throughout our district, you will find a broad range of public art. Some are simple historical markers, some interpretive stories, whilst others are the result of community projects.

More details will be developed for the website in the future on these works, but until then ask at either of our districts Visitor Information Centres to find your way to:

  • Berri Community Mural (Former Berri Limited site) 
  • ANZAC Cross, Barmera, Centenary of ANZAC
  • Vaughan Tce Mural - Berri (Hope Street Project)
  • Barmera History Trail
  • Big Guitar - Rockys Hall of Fame and Pioneers Museum
  • Wade Street Mural - Berri
  • Ngurunderi Dreaming Mural - Berri Bridge
  • Special Place for Jimmy James - Riverfront
  • Mosaic bench seats - various locations
  • Murray Cod Sculpture - Berri VIC
  • K7-Bluebird, Barmera Lakefront  
  • Berri RSL/rowe Reserve - Riverside Hotel Mural
  • Rainbow Serpent - Berri
  • Italian Community Sculpture - in progress
  • Barmera Fountain - new works in progress
  • Red Gum Sculpture, Barmera - New work in progress
  • Plus more........soon 


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