Community Transport

The Riverland Community Transport Scheme (RCTS) is administered by Red Cross and is one of several Community Passenger Networks operating across rural South Australia. The scheme is available to eligible residents who live within the boundaries of the Loxton Waikerie, Renmark Paringa and Berri Barmera Councils. Transport is provided either by our Scheme vehicles, driven by volunteers, or through the use of local commercial operators (eg Taxis & bus services).

General Enquiries

Phone 1800 334 882 (freecall) between 9am and 3pm

(for after hours next day emergencies/cancellations call 1800 334 882 and follow the prompts)


About the Scheme

  • To assist eligible clients to attend ad-hoc appointments where no other options exist
  • To improve access to services and activities throughout the Riverland
  • To compliment and work with existing local commercial transport services
  • To enhance social cohesion within the Riverland region as a whole

How the scheme can be used

If you are having transport difficulties in the region, you can completed a personalised transport assessment reuqest. On completion of this form, you will be advised of all of your available options in the region, and if eligible these options will include volunteer driven vehicles. You may be frail, elderly, have a disability, or simply be isolated. Transport assessment forms are available from the Berri and Barmera Council Offices and must be returned to the Scheme Co-ordinator, Box 229, BERRI SA 5343.

For what purposes can the Scheme be used?

Trips can be requested for ad-hoc last resort transport, and are dependent on resource availability. Trips are not personalised service, and you may find yourself sharing a vehicle with another client, or having to wait either side of your appointment for the next available vehicle. We can provide transport information to anyone, and encourage the use of existing transport services. We are unable to provide transport to regular services, or hospital transfers. For more information about eligible trip requests, please call 1800 334 882 Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm.


Transport Bookings

Phone the local Red Cross Office on 1800 334 882 (freecall). Bookings can be made between 9:00am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday. The service does not operate on Weekends or Public Holidays. For after hours "next day" emergencies or cancellations, call 1800 334 882 and follow the prompts.  

Note the following Transport options exist outside Scheme Hours (at own cost)
The Riverland Taxi Services can be contacted at:

  • Barmera - 0409 839 387
  • Berri - 0408 851 122
  • Loxton - 0418 839 289
  • Renmark - 0408 851 155
  • Waikerie - 0428 814 820

Information you will need when booking (once assessed)

  • Your name and address
  • any mobility/care requirements
  • Date of trip
  • Any accompanying passenger's details
  • Orgin and Destination
  • Appointment time
  • Approximate duration of appointment

How much notice do I need to give?

For the Scheme to function efficiently, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required when making a booking.