Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the links below to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions of Council. If your question is not answered please either call the Berri Barmera Council Office on 08 8582 1922 or submit a Council Feedback Form with your question and Council staff will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.



My street light isn't working who do I notify to fix it?

Council spends considerable money on street lighting every month to illuminate roads, footpaths and parks areas. The cost for street lights is based on number of lights and their globe type, so if you see one that is not working, we are still being charged for it. Please ring SA Power Networks on 131261 to report a faulty light that isn’t working or even one that is dirty and not as bright as it should be.



How old does your dog need to be to be registered?
All dogs three months of age or over must be registered annually. Registration renewal fees are due by the 31st of August each year. Fees start at $48 with subsidised registrations available to pensioners, and owners of  dogs that are desexed, microchipped, obedience trained, working dogs, greyhounds and guide/therapy dogs.You risk a fine of up to $200 if your dog is not registered. 
How many dogs can you keep in town and out of town?
In town there is a maximum of two dogs per household and out of town a maximum of five
How many chickens can you keep in town and out of town?
There is no specified allowed amount per household, but roosters are not allowed in town. 
Moorook Animal Shelter?
The Moorook Animal Shelter can be contacted by phone (08) 8583 9393.
Does the Council have animal traps available for hire?
Yes. Council has traps available free to residents for a maximum hiring period of two weeks with a refundable deposit of $50. Residents requiring advice or assistance in obtaining traps should contact the Council office
What do I do with a stray dog on my property?
If the dog is approachable, please restrain and contact the Council Office with the details of the dogs description, sex if possible and tag number if wearing one. If the dog is not approachable DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE IT, please contact the Council office.

Fire Ban and Permits

When is the fire ban season?

The 2011/2012 Fire Ban Season is from15 November 2011 to 15 April 2012 unless extended. For more information regarding the Fire Ban Season please click here.


Can I burn in town and out of town?

There is no burning "in" town areas. Out of town and in horticulture areas, burning can be carried out, out of fire season or in fire season with a permit obtained from the Council, between 9am and 6pm with the correct precautions taken.



What is the due date for payment for each quarter?

Due dates for the 2011/2012 rates are as follows-

First Quarter 1st Sept 2011
Second Quarter 1st Dec 2011
Third Quarter 1st March 2012
Fourth Quarter 1st June 2012


Riverland Community Transport

Wanting to know more about Riverland Community Transport or make a booking?

Please call 1800 334 882 or click here for more information.


Wanting to know more about the Riverland Medical Bus or make a booking?

Please call 1800 334 882 or click here for more information.


Rubbish Bins

What day is pick up day?

Monday Monash, Glossop, Winkie and surrounding areas
Tuesday Berri West, Berri North and surrounding areas
Wednesday Berri, Berri East and surrounding areas
Thursday Barmera, Cobdogla and Loveday townships
Friday Outskirts of Barmera, Cobdogla and Loveday

Cleanaway can be contacted on 1800 778 752


I have no bins on my property and can I purchase second bins?

Any property with a house being occupied all year is eligible to an initial bin, at not cost. Commercial properties shall be entitled to the number of bins equivalent to the number of rated assessments.

Bins and Bin Accessories are available for purchase from the Council Office, please contact for current fees on 8582 1922.   


Riverland Resource Recovery Centre
Hoskin Road, Monash
When is the Resource Centre Open? 

Monday to Friday      8.00am until 4.00pm
Saturday                  8.00am until 12.00pm
Sunday                    CLOSED

On days Over 40°C open hours will be 9am to 12pm. For futher information please contact Cleanway on 08 8582 2601.


Costs vary depending on materials. Members of the public can sort their loads and pay less. Types of waste which cost less than landfill include organics or green waste, timber, rubble and concrete. There is free disposal of white goods, clean recyclables, batteries, engine oil and metals. Mattresses, tyres and asbestos are accepted at this site and the prices vary.  For more information and up to date pricing, please contact Cleanaway 1800 778 752 or 8582 2601.

Quick Guide for Yellow Recycling Bin