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It is very important for people to feel connected to their community. Ethnic Links Country SA offer services for people who need information about aged care options, or help to access aged care supports. This means older people, their families, friends and others who want to link with aged care support are able to obtain this information.

Aged care expert staff will provide support, education and assist people by informing and linking them with suitable aged care services. 

Some of the activities being offered include:

-          Community workshop and information sessions

-          Assistance with completing forms

-          Provide fact sheets and other resources

-          Group and individual support sessions

-          Outreach support services for those who are unable to visit the centre.


If you are over 65 and would like assistance, please contact the team on 0422 978 161 or via email


For more information, please see flyer or head to COTA website



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