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Public Consultation and Community Engagement Policy

In accordance with the requirements of Section 50 the Local Government Act 1999, the Berri Barmera Council has revised its Public Consultation and Community Engagement Policy and hereby invites public comments / submissions on the Policy as part of the Public Consultation process.

The Policy outlines the principles and procedures that the Council will follow to involve the community in Council’s decision making process through effective communication, engagement and consultation strategies.

Copies of the Policy are available from Council’s principal office at 19 Wilson Street Berri, the Berri Library Kay Avenue, Berri, and the Barmera Library and Customer Services Centre, Barwell Avenue, Barmera.

Submissions and comments on the Policy are invited and must be received no later than Tuesday 23rd July 5.00 p.m., with written submissions marked as follows:


Post: Public Consultation

Public Consultation & Community Engagement Policy

Ms K.L. Burton

Chief Executive Officer

Berri Barmera Council

PO Box 229

BERRI  SA   5343


Email: (Public Consultation - Public Consultation & Community Engagement Policy” to be entered in “subject” line), or


Fax: (08) 8582 3029, or


delivered to the Berri Barmera Council Office, 19 Wilson Street, Berri.


For further enquiries please contact Executive Assistant, Jesse Lang during normal working hours on 8582 1922.


DRAFT Public Consultation and Community Engagement Policy


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