Berri Riverfront Retrofit Consultation

25th November 2020
Proposed 3D Design and Fly Through Public Consultation

Council understands the importance of this project within our community and therefore is undertaking a second public consultation which features the proposed design in a 3D/fly through simulation format. By providing the 3D simulation, residents will be able to compare the current design to the proposed retrofit and advise Council of their preference as to whether they would prefer the design changes go ahead or that the design remain as it is currently.

The public consultation period will run from 25 November to 20 December 2020 and will be undertaken via an online vote, which is accessible here.

The online vote will provide Council residents with the opportunity to provide feedback whether their preference is that the redesign works should be undertaken (Yes) or whether the design should remain as it currently stands (No).

The voting results will then be collated, reviewed and presented to Council for final decision in early 2021.

Mayor Peter Hunt is “encouraging residents to visit the Council website, view the design and information and cast their online vote”.

3D Design and Fly Through

Below we have provided additional maps to assist in identifying the proposed changes. The images below provide an accurate modelling of how an oversized vehicle can travel through the intersection.

Design Vehicle

Figure 1:   Riverview Drive  - Turning Circles

Figure 2:   Riverview Drive - Turning Circles Changed with Markups

Figure 3:   Riverview Drive - Turning Circles (Changed)