Playgrounds Open

14th May 2020
We know that our youngest citizens have been highly anticipating the reopening —and we are just as excited!

We are pleased to advise that ALL of our playgrounds and exercise equipment have now been RE-OPENED

As we start to use facilities more, we must remember to ensure that we continue to protect the ongoing health and wellbeing of our community. We can do that by ensuring that we::

· Social distance by keeping 1.5 metres from others

· Ensure gathering sizes are 10 or less at any one time

· Remember to use hand washing, sanitiser and other hygiene practices.

· If you are unwell, get tested and stay home.

Council continues to monitor the State Governments' advice and after undertaking the required risk and operational assessments will implement the safe and gradual reopening of other facilities and services.

We mustn't become complacent! We all have a role to play in ensuring that our community remains safe, and take all the precautions we can to ensure that a COVID cluster doesn't take hold and restrict the lifestyles that we enjoy in the Riverland!

Do I need to take hand sanitiser to the outdoor spaces?

Please take hand sanitiser with you and use before and after contact with surfaces touched by more than one person. We all have a shared responsibility to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Should I clean equipment in outdoor spaces before use it?

Please wipe down equipment before and after use and use hand sanitiser before and after touching surfaces. You have a personal and community responsibility to practice physical distancing and hygiene practices when in the community using equipment that is accessible to everyone.

What do I do if there are too many people at a venue when I arrive?

Measures such as observing density requirements and limiting gatherings to a max of 10 are all essential personal safety responsibilities required to be exhibited by every member of the public.

If you can’t comply with these measures at a site, you may wish to explore options such as; rescheduling your visit or finding a similar outdoor space nearby, etc.