Public Consultation - By-Law Review

27th May 2020
Pursuant to section 249 of the Local Government Act 1999, notice is hereby given that at its meeting on 28 April 2020 the Council endorsed the proposed By-laws are released for public consultation

Details regarding the nature and effect of the proposed By-laws are as follows:

  1. By-law No. 1 – Permits and Penalties 2020:

    A By-law to create a permit system for Council By-laws, to fix maximum and continuing penalties for offences, and to clarify the construction of Council By-laws.

  2. By-law No. 2 – Moveable Signs 2020:

    A By-law to set standards for moveable signs on roads and to provide conditions for the placement of such signs for the purpose of protecting visual amenity and public safety.

  3. By-law No. 3 – Local Government Land 2020:

    A By-law to manage and regulate the access to and use of Local Government land (other than roads).

  4. By-law No. 4 – Roads By-law 2020:

    A By-law to manage, control and regulate certain activities on roads in the Council’s area.

  5. By-law No. 5 – Dogs 2020:

A By-law to limit the number of dogs kept on premises and for the management and control of dogs in the Council’s area.

The By-Laws are available on the Council website at or can be viewed at the Council’s principal office at 19 Wilson Street, Berri.

In accordance with Council’s Public Consultation & Community Engagement Policy, interested persons are invited to make submissions on the By-Law Review. Responses must be received no later than 5pm, Friday, June 19, 2020, with written submissions marked as follows:

Post:    “Public Consultation – By-Law Review”

Ms K Burton,

Chief Executive Officer

Berri Barmera Council

PO Box 229

BERRI  SA 5343

Email: (“Public Consultation – By-Law Review” to be entered in the ‘subject ‘line), or

Fax: (08) 8582 3029 or delivered to the Berri Barmera Council Office, 19 Wilson Street, Berri.

Further enquiries can be directed to the Senior Development Officer – Planning, Dylan Grieve, during office hours on 8582 1922.