Food Safety

Food Businesses

Council EHO regularly conducts food business inspections of all premises to ensure adequate standards are met and acceptable food handling techniques used when preparing food for human consumption.

Food operators must comply with the relevant legislative requirements which include:

  • Food Act 2001
  • Food Regulations 2002
  • Food Safety Standards (FSANZ Food Standards Code Chapter 3)
  • Safe Drinking Water Act 2011

See Council's fees and charges policy for relevant inspection fees.

More information regarding legislation and policies with respect to food can be found at the Department of Health Website more information re Safe drinking water can be found on the following website.

EHO's also attend to customer complaints with respect to food handling, food poisoning investigations and food recall follow-ups.

Food Business Notification

When a food business is established, or when the ownership/management of an existing food business changes, Council must be notified, before commencement of operations, by completing a Food Business Notification Form and returning it to Council. Notification only needs to be completed once unless the food business details change.

Food Business Notification Form Food Business Notification(55 kb)

Further information regarding the notification requirements and starting a food business can be found at Department of Health Website.

Labelling of Packaged Food

For enquiries regarding the labelling of packaged food please contact SA Health Food Standards Surveillance 8226 7100.

Guidelines for labelling of packaged foods

FREE Online Food Safety Training for food businesses and community groups

DoFoodSafely - Department of Health and Human Services Victoria, proudly supported by SA Health

I’m Alert - Environmental Health Australia

Food Safety at Home

Although we tend to blame the last place we ate out, a large proportion of food poisoning occurs due to poor food handling or storage in the home. The majority of food poisoning takes 24 -72 hours so it is not necessarily the last meal you ate. Some food poisoning symptoms do not develop for as many as thirteen days.

The Food Safety Information Council aims to reduce the number of Australian's becoming sick from food poisoning by providing simple, easy to follow information on the handling, storage and preparation of food. We encourage you visiting their site for more information on safe food handling at home.

You’ve Got What provides information on illnesses caused by the spread of infectious diseases as well as General topics such as

  • preventing food poisoning at home
  • immunisation
  • exclusion from childcare, preschool, school and work
  • overseas travel
  • avoiding mosquito bites
  • animal bites and scratches
  • staying healthy with pet reptiles, amphibians and fish