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Careers in Council

The Local Government Association of SA has launched the Careers in Council website and is running a campaign to raise awareness about the wide range of things SA Councils do for communities and the jobs which support those roles.

On the Careers in Council website you can find:

  • currently advertised jobs in Councils across SA,
  • information about career role types in Councils,
  • information about what Councils do,
  • links to every Council website (including maps and a smart search to find the Council for any address),
  • links to stories about great things happening in Councils,
  • and much more through the home page of the Local Government Association.

We want the public to know what Councils do and the great career opportunities available. Councils have an ageing workforce so over the next few years we need to attract new staff - some in highly competitive skilled areas such as accounting and environmental health.

Whether you are an interested member of the community, a job seeker, a student, local business or some other connection the Careers in Council website is keen to help you get to know more about your Council and Local Government in SA.

For more information visit the Careers in Council website by clicking here.