Parking and Regulations

Infringement Notices

Parking tickets are officially called Parking Infringement Notices. Their enforcement is regulated by State law and is the same for all Councils.

If you park illegally, you can be reported for an offence. A parking expiation can be handed to you, secured around a windscreen wiper blade of your vehicle or you can be sent the ticket in the mail.

If you do not pay the fee, you will have statutory costs added to it. If you continue to refuse to pay, the matter will be referred to the Fines Recovery Officer of the Courts, and this action can result in the suspension of your driver’s licence or your property can be seized and sold to satisfy the amount owing.

Disability Parking for Permit Holders                                     parking sign

On-Street Parking

If you have a temporary or permanent Disability Parking Permit (issued from the State Government Services SA) there are a number of parking options available within our region.

Permit Conditions:

Disability parking permits allow a vehicle to be parked in spaces where the international symbol of access is shown on a sign or painted on the road surface.

The permits must only be used when:

  • the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder
  • the vehicle is being used by an organisation providing transport services to people with a disability
  • the permit is displayed so the number and expiry date are clearly visible from the exterior of the vehicle.

The best places to display the permit are:

  • hung from the rear vision mirror
  • displayed on the passenger side of the dashboard.

Some parking spaces for disability parking permit holders have time limits that are indicated on the sign.

Parking Concessions

South Australia gives time limit concessions to holders of disability parking permits where there are no spaces available for people with a disability and where the sign or meter shows specific time limits.

If the time limit shown is:

  • less than 30 minutes, the time limit for a disability parking permit holder is 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes or more but less than one hour, the time limit for a disability parking permit holder is two hours
  • More than one hour, the time limit for a disability parking permit holder is twice the period indicated.

For more information, please see "Frequently Asked Questions".