Disability Access and Inclusion

DRAFT Disability, Access, and Inclusion Plan

Under the Disability Inclusion Act 2018, all state and local government authorities are required to create and implement their own Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIPs) reporting on them annually and reviewing them every four years. These individual  DAIPs will sit below the overarching State Plan.

Berri Barmera Councils Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) will be a responsive document that recognises the community and cultural diversity of our district and provides a commitment to improving the participation of people with disability and their carers across a range of activities, and ensuring that the accessibility to services and facilities are continually improved for all.

Give Feedback to help Council develop our Plan

You are invited to provide feedback for consideration via the Community Survey

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Next Steps

After the preliminary survey findings are reviewed, a DRAFT Disability Access and Inclusion Plan will be prepared, and specific actions suggested from comments and ideas from all community and staff consultation submissions will be added to the Draft Implementation Action document which will list the actions for Council to prioritise annually and consider for funding in future budgets. This Draft Plan and Implementation will then be released for further Public Consultation.

After consultation feedback of the DRAFT documents, it is targeted that the updated Berri Barmera Council Disability Access and Inclusion Plan and its associated initial Implementation actions will be tabled for adoption by Council at its meeting held on 27th October 2020.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Riverland NDIS Regional Advisory Group

Mission Australia is the Local Area Coordinator for the NDIS here in the Riverland.

They have established a Riverland Disability Awareness and Action group, to help guide and support the advocacy and improvements across our community.  To assist in this target, they have developed a more in-depth survey to find out what people think about current attitudes and experiences for access and inclusion in our community.

From this feedback, the group can use the information to advocate for all people in the community to increase access and inclusion in the Riverland. Including using the information to provide support and data to councils, businesses, and the community about supporting people with a disability in the community to feel more included and able to access their community.

Access - Access means people can get into and use places easily.

Access can also mean you are able to use a business, service of public convenience with ease. E.g. enter a shop, use the teller machine, use the public toilet, get the items you need off the shelf.

Inclusion - Inclusion means that you feel like you are welcome, you belong and you are important.

Contribute to the Regional Advisory Group Survey

It's estimated that this survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete but you'll be assisting the advisory group to support you in the future.

Complete the Regional Survey here

If you would like any help to fill in this survey or would like to talk to someone about your responses, please call your local team at Mission Australia NDIS Partners in the Community on 1800 931 543 option 6 Berri.